I am everyone else except me


20200512_121212 She sees nightmares awake and asleep. I can only imagine. – by C.E. Pereira

I’m hanging by a thin thread.
I am failing all the test in my path.
I see fear and anger in her eyes.
Mine shows impatience and defeat.

I’m a stranger she sees everyday.
Fear and anger her companions.
A moment of clarity, so fleeting.
I see my future self in her.

I question God. I plead my case.
I make everything about me.
How much more selfish can I get?
I want time to rewind to before.

In the bedroom, she’s a prisoner.
Her mind sees a hospital room.
She demands to go home, angry.
I tell her she’s already at home.

She screams, shaking the bed rails.
Softly, I try to calm her. She screams.
I raise my voice, my tone rises high.
And made her cringe in fear.

She looks so confused, so…

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Autore: yourborderline

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